The Greenwich Lane

The Greenwich Lane

West Village Condos

Individually Crafted West Village Homes

As created by FXFOWLE and interior designer Thomas O'Brien, each home at The Greenwich Lane possesses the considered luxury and detail of a custom residence. A strong, elegant language of rich marble, mosaic, wood and fine metalwork, and different forms of classical and modern paneling and cabinetry draws references from the distinct historical periods of the various buildings. Specific combinations and special architectural features allow the interior identity of each address to remain unique.

FXFOWLE and Thomas O’Brien collaborated closely on the design and layout of these residences to ensure that there is a custom-made feeling in every home, from the luxurious and light-filled floor plans to the exclusively created fixtures, fittings, lighting, and hand-picked finishes. Like the mix of Old New York glamour and modern comfort that occurs in The Greenwich Lane lobbies, this unique design perspective creates homes with the past and present equally in mind.

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