The Greenwich Lane reveals private gardens, amenities in new photos

January 23, 2017 – Curbed

Sales are going strong at The Greenwich Lane, where most of the 200 homes are currently in contract. With less than ten of these new West Village condos—a mix of townhomes, residences, and penthouses—still available, The Greenwich Lane has demonstrated that it offers more than enough luxurious comfort to attract all types of buyers. Sparing no expense, the development is replete with curated amenities, including a pool adorned with blue mosaic tile and a children’s playroom centered around a massive fort made of books. All of the homes at The Greenwich Lane are connected by a central garden with paths that are lined with birch trees and dotted with features like limestone benches and a reflecting pool.

    Greenwich Village Getting Greener

    March 25, 2015 – The Architect’s Newspaper

    To complement its collection of five exclusive townhomes and 200 condos at The Greenwich Lane in the West Village, developer Rudin Management is building a classic West Village park in the triangle on 7th Avenue between West 12th Street and Greenwich Ave. Open to the public, the 16,000-square-foot green space will feature flower beds, a lawn area, trees, a children’s play area, and water jets encircled by winding paths and arched benches. The park was kept simple in design in order to showcase at its western-most point the 18-foot-tall angular New York City AIDS Memorial designed by Brooklyn-based Studio a+i. While the park is aiming for a late-summer opening date, the memorial is scheduled for completion by the end of November, with its unveiling set for December 1 on World AIDS Day 2015.

    What’s the Deal: News Digest: A Roundup of Greater New York Real-Estate News

    February 23, 2015 – The Wall Street Journal

    The massive redevelopment plan of the former site of St.Vincent’s Hospital is now well underway. The Greenwich Lane will include a West Village apartment building that will house 200 condos—148 of which have already been sold. Moreover, when Rudin Management Company earned the rights to the entire expansive space in 2011, the firm pledged to develop a park on the site in addition to 200 apartments and five townhouses. Rudin Management has now broken ground on the 16,000-square-foot park, which will be situated in the triangular space on 7th Avenue between West 12th Street and Greenwich Ave. The park will feature a large lawn as well as designated play areas, water jets, and the first major AIDS memorial in NYC.

    Power Lifting of a Residential Kind

    February 06, 2015 – The New York Times

    Fitness centers may be commonplace in luxury condominium buildings these days, but Jay Wright’s fitness centers aren’t your usual TV-and-treadmill gyms. Wright, the brains behind The Wright Fit, a company that designs and implements customized luxury fitness centers, has bulked up the workout space at The Greenwich Lane, where he’s created a state-of-the-art studio that includes unique spaces dedicated to swimming, yoga, high-intensity workouts, personal training, and golf.

    On the Rise

    October 30, 2014 – New York Family

    With a reputation as one of New York City’s most innovative residential projects, The Greenwich Lane is quickly becoming one of the most talked about, as well. “With incredible amenities connecting the buildings, such as a children’s playroom designed by Roto, a private, 14,000-square-foot courtyard garden, and an indoor swimming pool, The Greenwich Lane is a perfect downtown oasis…”. The luxury condominium residences, developed by the Rudin Family, offer both unrivaled living spaces and amenities alike, featuring a collection of five unique addresses and five townhouses in New York’s most coveted neighborhood, the West Village.

    Urbanization drives the stifling New York housing market Fox Business

    October 27, 2014 – Fox Business

    Throughout the US, urbanization continues its upward trend, increasing demand in many metropolitan housing markets. New York City is at the forefront of the boom. Bill Rudin, CEO of Rudin Management and co-developer of the anticipated NYC luxury condominium building, The Greenwich Lane, was a guest on FOX Business to speak to the urban surge. Rudin explained that a fairly significant portion of the demand is coming directly from locals. His observations are corroborated by the fact that almost 70% of The Greenwich Lane’s luxury condominiums sold thus far were purchased by New Yorkers. However, those Manhattan condominiums not sold to New Yorkers were sold to people all across the country—and the globe. With stunning residences like The Greenwich Lane almost 70% claimed, it’s clear the incredibly strong real estate market in NYC can be attributed at least in part to the appeal of city life being the highest it has ever been.

    Manhattan’s Most-Celebrated Architects and Interior Designers go Large-Scale

    October 15, 2014 – New York Post

    The market for Manhattan condos is exceptionally competitive, so it takes a great deal of effort to stand out from the crowd. For The Greenwich Lane, this meant hiring Thomas O’Brien’s design studio Aero to handle all of the interior design in order to build an emotional and aesthetic identity for the space. Through O’Brien’s keen eye and attention to detail, his traditional-meets-modern approach created an atmosphere and language for The Greenwich Lane’s five buildings and five townhouses that feels comforting and elegant, without ever appearing stuffy or antiquated. O’Brien custom designed much of the lighting, cabinetry and millwork, and used 14 different types of marble in The Greenwich Lane’s 200 residences—nearly 70% of which have already sold. The design work sets the building apart from other condos for sale in NYC, creating a space that is simultaneously traditional and comforting, yet still modern and luxurious.

    10 Questions with Thomas O’Brien

    October 07, 2014 – Interior Design

    Celebrated designer Thomas O’Brien and his firm Aero Studios are putting their unrivaled interior design expertise to good use at The Greenwich Lane. Located at Seventh Avenue and West 11th Street, The Greenwich Lane consists of 200 residences in total, spaced out along five separate addresses and five townhouses, with a serene garden courtyard running between them. It’s a large undertaking for an interior design firm, but it’s a challenge that O’Brien relished, approaching the project with the same meticulous nature and scrupulous attention to detail that enabled him to reach the status he now enjoys. O’Brien is well aware of the history and vibrant pulse of Greenwich Village and designed the space to reflect a vintage New York feel, while still remaining modern and refined. And The Greenwich Lane is exactly that; a space that feels classic and yet, new, standing out from other condos in Manhattan in its approach and execution.

    The Greenwich Lane Featured on Bloomberg TV

    September 30, 2014 – The Real Deal

    While overseas demand for Manhattan’s most luxurious condos continues to skyrocket, many have asked: Where do native New Yorkers want to reside? With over 70% of their buyers coming from New York City, The Greenwich Lane is clearly a local favorite. Co-developer Bill Rudin sat down this week with Bloomberg TV to discuss the growing trend of Urbanism. “There’s a broader trend in terms of urbanism. You’re seeing people coming into New York City, wanting to work in New York City and live in New York City. It’s a huge trend…people want that urban experience.” New Yorkers are pulled in by The Greenwich Lane’s unique amenities and design, now on full display at the property’s sales center.

    Leading with LEED: A Look at NYC’s Eco-Friendly Housing

    August 07, 2014 – 6sqft

    New Yorkers may be renowned for their black-on-black wardrobes, but it
    seems as though green is the city’s new favorite color. A select crop of luxury buildings are proving their commitment to environmentalism by achieving coveted LEED status. A leader amongst leaders, the West Village’s The Greenwich Lane has been pre-certified a LEED Gold Neighborhood Development.

    New York's Property Hits Peak Frenzy

    July 23, 2014 – The Hollywood Reporter

    Rudin Management is developing the most sought after property in the West Village, The Greenwich Lane. This highly desired condominium in the center of Greenwich Village has dazzled potential buyers with exclusive amenities and an extensive, elegant landscape designed by M. Paul Friedberg & Partners. Since the final quarter of last year, over 60% of the 200 residences have been sold and the torrent of buyers has yet to slow.

    Manhattan’s Most Historic District Rediscovered

    July 23, 2014 – New York Post

    In the city that never sleeps, Greenwich Village continues to allure buyers with its trendy downtown vibe and thoughtfully designed condominium living. Global Holdings and Rudin Management have primed the Village for its close-up with their elegant and intuitively designed condominium development, The Greenwich Lane. The condominium is the epitome of a marriage between functionality and luxury. It provides a spectrum of splendid possibilities with five condominium residences and five single-family townhouses. This luxury condominium has become the hotspot for those looking to blend old-world charm and modern decadence.

    Luxury Residences and Fine Design

    July 01, 2014 – Robb Report Home & Style

    Designed by New York’s Aero Studios’ Thomas O’Brien; The Greenwich Lane will be one of the city’s most distinguished masterpieces. Set for completion in 2016, the condominiums will surpass buyers’ standards of luxury and artistry, featuring a striking classical garden viewable from many residences. The restored vintage and new construction structures will include five townhouses and five buildings, which accommodate 200 residences with up to five bedrooms and range from $2 million to more than $30 million

    Landscaped Courtyards are NYC's Latest Status Symbol

    May 06, 2014 – New York Post

    At The Greenwich Lane, residents won’t need to venture far to earn a glimpse of spring’s first bloom. Within the heart of the residential community, an expansive central garden will grace the doorstep of each unique address that comprises this collection of condominium residences in the heart of Greenwich Village. Landscape designer M. Paul Friedberg & Partners has conceived a serene parkland that has been “carved into a series of rooms” to provide a variety of vistas from every building lobby. “It moves from a formal entry garden with hedges and topiary to a water garden featuring a 24-foot, multi-level reflecting pool” which leads to the next sequence of green space with a “160-foot-long birch allée capped by a trellised pavilion, which Parisi describes as a ‘secret garden.’”

    West Village Condos, Greenwich Lane on Fox

    Greenwich Lane Draws the World's Most Discerning Clientele — New Yorkers

    March 18, 2014 – FOX News

    As the real estate market regains its former glory, new West Village condo Greenwich Lane is reminding New Yorkers just what makes theirs the greatest city on earth. Mirroring its artsy enclave, the innovative condo, made up of five different buildings and five townhouse units, is an eclectic yet elegant mix of form and function that’s setting a new precedent for city living. With everything a potential resident could want, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, screening room, pool, outdoor common space, and even a playroom for the kids, Greenwich Lane is already filling up with some of the world’s most discerning residents — New Yorkers. More than 60% of the condos already claimed will become residences for those who already call the city home. Rudin Management CEO and Vice Chairman Bill Rudin sat down with Fox Business to discuss the warm reception Greenwich Lane has received thus far. “We’ve sold fifty percent in less than four months,” explained Rudin, excitedly. “The statistics are very compelling: 90% are domestic buyers — they’re not the foreign buyers — and about 60% are New Yorkers, and we think the reason is because of the total design we’ve created … The response has just been amazing.”

    New York's latest crop of luxury residential developments

    March 17, 2014 – Wallpaper* Magazine

    New York City is sizzling, with everyone vying to be part of this new heyday of luxury real estate. Public demand is skyrocketing, and high-end inventory can barely keep pace. Wallpaper* Magazine curated a list of the best luxury condominiums currently under construction; The Greenwich Lane in the West Village was front and center. “Consisting of five buildings and five large family townhouses, each with their own address and currently in construction (completion is set for 2016), The Greenwich Lane is an amalgamation of architectural styles, from classic pre-war with restored century limestone and brick facades, to modern contemporary, Art Deco and Bauhaus.”

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